Frequently asked questions


How does the application process work?

The application process consists of two steps with several sections:

Step 1: 

  • Personal data
  • Prior education (all higher academic education)
  • Work experience (all work experiences obtained after bachelor graduation)
  • Then scroll to the bottom of the page where you will be able to select course or study

Important note: make sure that the information in your CV matches the information in the above-mentioned sections of the application form


Step 2:

  • After you have finished with step 1 and have selected a study you will be requested to fill:
  • Motivation (answer several questions)
  • Attachments (here you have to upload certain documents)
  • Financial (how you intend to cover the cost of your study)
  • Confirmation 


Have you received my application?

After successful submission of your application you will receive an automated e-mail message. You can also check the status of your application in the tab called “My applications”. 


After we fill out work experience, we are directed to go to the bottom of the screen where we are supposed to select our course and then proceed in uploading our documents, but at the bottom of my page, I can't locate the tab to select my course or move to step 2.


After filling in your personal details and other required information (Personal data, Prior Education, Work Experience):

  • Click on the Home link from the menu bar.
  • Make a choice on what type of education your wish to follow and click the appropriate link or picture.
  • At the bottom of the page, you will see an Apply now button.
  • |At the bottom of the page your will see all Applicable courses to that type of education.
  • Make your selection on this page and click the create application button to start the application form.


My transcript is four pages transcript and I cannot upload them because there is only one field

You can merge several separate pdfs into one pdf. You can do so online or in your preferred pdf-reader.  In Adobe Acrobat reader for example, you will find it under:  File, combine, add files.


My pdf is too big to be uploaded because the maximum size is 2MB

You could open your document in Adobe Acrobat, click Document and then Reduce File size.  Another option is reducing the size of the document by printing it to pdf. There are plenty of tips online about this.


I did not receive my activation mail

It might be in a different folder than your inbox. Please check all folders in your mailbox.


It is not clear to me how I have to select a study

After you have filled in your personal data, education and work experience, you have to go to scroll down to the bottom of your page with personal information. There is the option to select your study.


I receive an error message when saving my input (personal data / work experience / education)

This error can occur when the page has timed-out. Log out of your account, close the browser and login again. The problem should be solved.

Another option is to remove cookies from your browser. See this link that explains how to clear cookies from different browsers:


I have problems when filling my application on my mobile phone

We advise you to complete your application and upload documents not on your mobile phone but on laptop or computer. Although it works on many mobile phones and tablets, we have not been able to make our site compatible with all brands and models.  In case you complete the application on your mobile phone, you may need to scroll down to to find the submit/resubmit/ complete button.


The application deadline mentioned on the programme website is different deadline on the application website


The deadline of application for academic admission and for a certain scholarship are different. The application deadline for a certain scholarship can be found on the page of scholarship information and is usually much earlier than the deadline of application for academic admission. The Application deadline which is mentioned on the application website is the deadline for application academic admission for those who pay the cost of the programme via other means and not depend on a scholarship. Please be aware that the date mentioned on the application website should be read as day-month-year (e.g. 1 July 2022 (not to be read as 7th January 2022)


I receive an Error message as follows:

Error :(

Something went wrong when trying to display this page.
Reload the page or go to another page to continue.

Reload  or go to Home

Solution for this problem:

If you see this message, the system is indicating that you are trying to access the webpage via an expired browser session. This behaviour often occurs when people do not close their web browser tabs and try to continue on in an existed (expired) browser session. To resolve this; please close all tabs in your browser. Close the web browser and start a fresh browser session. It sometimes also occurs when someone’s’ internet connection is unstable and disconnects/reconnects to the server with different network information. This gets seen as a session hijacking attempt and thus the session is also invalidated. In this situation, the only option is to either keep trying or to change to a more stable internet connection.


If you think you have run into a problem that is not described here, please let us know by sending a mail to, mentioning Problem Applying. Please upload a screenshot of the error message (preferably of the full screen).


When I go to the home page for creation application in order to start section 2, there, instead of having area to start application it goes direct to where it come from or turn back again to starting  point.

Nowhere I find the possibility to continue with section 2.

  • Have you checked if all mandatory fields have been filled in? All fields under the personal data need to be filled in, including the address field under communication details, With all fields filled in you should be able to proceed to the next step.
  • If you have indeed filled in all information yet are unable to continue to the next page, there is likely something going wrong inside your selected web browser. We recommend Clearing your browser cookies and opening a new session within the same browser. Or using a different web browser to see if it will behave normally. IHE supported web browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.
  • If you still are unable to proceed please send a screenshot of the personal data page and one showing the error message that you receive to: